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7 Popular Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals — Esoteric Aroma

Written by Laura Neal


Posted on December 03 2021

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Your crystals soak up energy from around them, whether it comes from you, other people, or objects. As much of this will be negative energy, you need to cleanse your crystals so that this energy doesn’t become stagnant. This also serves to recharge your crystals, ensuring they’re back at their full healing potential. There are many ways you can cleanse your crystals and we’ve detailed seven of the most popular ones here for you.  

  1.       Hold them under running water

Just like water cleanses you, water is perfect for cleansing your crystals and restoring their healing power. Ideally, natural water is best to use, so if you’re lucky enough to live near a stream or the ocean, hold or place your crystals in flowing natural water. Maybe you collect rainwater in the garden so pour this over your crystals if this is the case. If not, running water from a tap over your crystals is still very effective although it’s better if you can use filtered water. Not all crystals can be cleansed in water as they are too porous or contain metal. They can become damaged so be sure to check their compatibility first.

  1.       Soak them in saltwater

Salt naturally repels energy and is an effective way to purify your crystals. Again, if you live near the ocean, use the natural salty water to soak your crystals in. Failing that, just dissolve some salt (preferably sea salt) into a bowlful of lukewarm water. Submerge your crystals in the water completely and then leave them to soak for a few hours (although a day or two is fine too). Just remember what we mentioned above about the compatibility of some crystals with water. This cleansing method is only to be used for hard crystals and those that don’t contain metal.

  1.       Use the light of the full moon

For powerful cleansing, you can’t beat the light from a full moon. Place your crystals outside before nightfall to harness the moon’s power and allow the light to wash over your crystals, fully recharging them. It’s best to place your crystals on the ground for this as this enhances the cleansing capabilities. Be sure to bring your crystals inside again in the morning because the sun’s rays can diminish the color of some crystals.

  1.       Smudge them

The sacred plants of sage and palo santo are perfect choices for smudging your crystals. Light the bundle at the top and purify your crystals by holding them above the wisps of smoke. As the smoke disperses in your room, it will also cleanse the energy in that space, lifting any negative feelings and carrying them away through an open window. Smudging is suitable for all types of crystals. Whereas porous crystals can be damaged by water, the smoke from your smudging bundle won’t cause any harm to them.

  1.       Place them on larger crystals

The vibrations from your larger crystals can cleanse your smaller ones. Selenite and clear quartz in particular are known for their powerful cleansing and healing properties respectively and work naturally to purify your other crystals. They’re also self-regulating so there’s no need to cleanse them yourself. Simply take a cluster, tower, or geode of selenite or clear quartz and place your smaller crystals on top of it or around it. Leave these crystals together for several hours or overnight if you prefer.

  1.       Bury them in soil or rice

Burying your crystals may sound like a strange way to cleanse them but both earth and brown rice are good at absorbing negative energy from your crystals. Earth, in particular, is effective as you’re reconnecting the crystals with their source. Bury your crystals under the soil in your garden (just don't forget where you buried them!) or use a bowl of brown rice so that your crystals are completely covered. Leave them like this for at least 24 hours and then rinse them in water and dry them. If you used rice, throw the rice away as it will have absorbed the negative energy from the crystals, which you don’t want to consume afterwards. While this way of cleansing suits any crystal, it’s particularly effective for Jasper, Citrine, Agate, Tiger’s Eye, and Carnelian.

  1.       Use sound healing
Wash over your crystals with a sound that emanates from a bell, tuning fork, or singing bowls. The single tone should encompass your crystals completely and you should continue the sound healing for between 5 and 10 minutes. This ensures your crystals reach the same vibration as the tone being played.