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Aragonite Star Clusters

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on September 21 2019

The Aragonite Star Cluster has such a beautiful and unique shape. It is because of this shape, that it is able to send out beams of light into any area they are placed in. A room with Aragonite Star Clusters placed in it, will feel lighter and brighter.

These lovely crystals bring in a sense of stability, support, patience and harmony. One of the best crystals I have found to work with the energy of Mother Earth. Holding a piece allows you to connect to Gaia and ground any excess spiritual energy that is scattered in your auric field.

Not only is this a wonderful crystal to use as a healing tool for yourself, it is also very helpful for the planet. If you are a Lightworker, this is the crystal to use to help heal the planet and its ley lines. I love to sit under my favorite tree with a piece of Aragonite and meditate on the planet and all its inhabitants, while sending love and healing out to all.

Use this lovely crystal in conjunction with our Earth Tuning Fork for an incredible healing session!