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  Today we are focusing on the 4th chakra, the Heart or Anahata chakra. This is also known as the Seat of the Soul.   Where is it? The Heart Chakra resides in the center of the chest. Put your hand there now and focus on it.   How does it affect me? We have all been affected by an unbalanced heart chakra at one time or another in our lives. Unless you are a hermit, it is nearly impossible to get through this life without being hurt. It's part of our human experience. It's what we do with these...

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  This is the third part in our 7 Chakras Series. We are focusing on the Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura today.   Where is it? The Solar Plexus chakra sits in the space between your navel and breastbone. Put your hand there now and focus on this area.   How does it affect me? This chakra is the seat of our will and our ego. It is where our personal power, self-confidence and sense of purpose comes from. If there is an unbalance in this area, feelings of low self-esteem, powerlessness and anger will be felt. Many many people...

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This is the second part in our 7 Chakras Series. Today we're focusing on the Sacral Chakra or the Svadhisthana.   Where is it? The Sacral Chakra sits above the pelvic region, below the navel and encompasses our genital area. Put your focus there now... How does it affect me? This chakra is all about joy, pleasure and creativity. Being in this physical body means that we have the gift of experiencing these things. We are all creative by nature, it's in our make up as humans. When this creativity is ignored, we are unbalanced. When we are deprived of...

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