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Candle Magick

candle Candle flames have long been thought to be passageways where our petitions and prayers can pass to the other side. Using candles we can create a bridge  between our physical world and the higher sources we seek to connect with. The root of the word votive means 'vow' or 'to vow'. Most of us whether we realize it or not have been practicing candle magick since we were children. The simple act of making a wish and blowing out birthday candles is much deeper than it seems. We close our eyes(focus), we make a wish(intent), and then blow out the candles(our will to manifest). Today we have candles available in almost every size, color and shape imaginable. Different colors have different meanings and can be used for specific purposes, however, plain white is perfectly acceptable if that is all you have. One of the most important things to remember is to always use a fresh unused candle for starting any work. Try not to use one that has been sitting around on a shelf or table, it can pick up energy from the surroundings and that may diminish its effectiveness.  It is acceptable to reuse the same candle for the same purpose if you have to extinguish it before you leave for work (it is very important that the candle is not blown out, this will blow away your intention. Always use a candle snuffer.) or don't wish to have it burning while you sleep, but it should be lit whenever possible until it is gone. Candle shape and size isn't important, but those that are unusual shapes or highly decorated can actually be a distraction. Many practitioners prefer to 'dress' or oil their candles before use - that is a whole other topic we will delve into at a later date. In the meantime, just holding the candle in your hands before lighting it will link your vibration and intent, you want to connect with it and have it become an extension of you. Candle color meanings can vary between different practices, but here is a simple guide with a few that you can start with: Purple;   Healing -  physical, mental and spiritual. Green;     Prosperity - luck, money, abundance. Red;         Fire -  passion, vitality, action. Orange;   Creativity - joy, self expression Yellow;    Focus - memory, learning, insight Black;      Protection - reversing, repelling, releasing White;     All Purpose - purity, cleansing, spirituality (white can also be used in place of any other color) Candle magick is White Magick  and is therefore never to be used for negative purposes, or for the control of others. Always remember the credo "With harm to none, do what thou wilt". Blessings, Mark & Laura  


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