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Altars and Sacred Space

sacred space Creating an Altar or Sacred Space is one of the best ways to raise the energy and vibration of your home. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, with whatever belief system you follow, incorporated into it. Ideally a sacred space is a place of interaction, where energy can flow in and out. It is a space of speaking to the Divine, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and in return hearing them speak to us. You can choose items that you cherish for your space, incorporate the four elements, crystals, pictures, statues, let it be a reflection of you and the Divine energies you would like to call upon and work with. Choose items that provide inspiration or help with focus, bless and speak to them, thank them for coming into your life. This is after all, a 'working' space, where we desire transformation to occur, to connect and reconnect with ourselves and the Divine Source. Whether it's for quiet meditation or for ritual/ceremonial purposes you want it to resonate, hum and feel alive with positive vibrations. Try creating a space of your own today. Use a small table covered with your favorite scarf. Add a few pictures of your family members that have passed, a candle, a plant and a glass or bowl of fresh spring water. We like to put our altar under a window so it may receive the sun's blessing as well as the moon's, but you can put yours anywhere that resonates with you. Spend time in this space. Pull up a pillow and talk to your ancestors, ask them for guidance and wisdom. Of course you can substitute the pictures of ancestors with anyone else you wish. Resonate with Buddha? Print off a picture of him and place it on or near your altar. Love Ganesha? This is the perfect spot to put that Ganesha statue you have. This is your personal space, a place you go to quietly reflect and ask for guidance. There is no wrong here and it doesn't have to be fancy or costly. Just use items that mean the most to you, that resonate with you and speak to you. We would LOVE to see your sacred space/altar pics. Follow us on  Instagram, post a pic of your space and tag us (@esotericaroma) and we will post it on our page! Blessings, love and light Mark & Laura

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