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Top 5 Ways to Open Your 3rd Eye

Third-eye-image-4   It seems wherever we go we hear about opening the 3rd eye. This subject is becoming more and more popular as people are turning inward to find the answers they are seeking. There is a lot of information out there about how to access this area. We encourage you to experiment with all kinds of techniques. Explore, question and seek out your own truth. This is our message... always. Before we begin, let's make sure everyone knows what and where the 3rd eye is. The 3rd eye is located just above and between the brows, on your forehead and is tied to the Pineal Gland. This area is tied to our intuition, it is our link to the spiritual realm and higher consciousness. 04 pineal For many of us the process of this opening causes us to look at how we are currently living our lives. What we are eating, how much stress we deal with every day and how we take care of this physical body we are in. This is all part of the journey. Once you begin this path, you will change. Things that were important to you before, not so much now. Foods you thought you loved, not so much now. This process WILL change you, if you are serious about it and really want this "seeing" to occur. So if you are sure you want your world to turn upside down (in a wonderful way), let's do it!
  1. Meditate - While meditating, focus on your 3rd eye. With your eye lids closed, bring your eyes up to the area between your brows. Don't strain, be soft and relaxed in this movement. Try to keep your focus in this area during the entire meditation.
  2. Food - This is a big one and one that is the deal breaker for a lot of people. Your diet must change. Your diet should consist of real food from now on. By real food, we mean no more fast food, boxed food, canned food or tortured food. We're not going to go all "Eat Vegan!" on you, but you are what you eat. So if you are a meat eater, it needs to be humanely raised. The vibration of what you eat permeates your entire being. Be mindful about this and you will feel the difference.
  3. Fluoride - One of the issues with our Pineal Gland is that it has been calcified over the years by the fluoride in our water and toothpaste. This needs to be completely cut out.
  4. Chanting - There are two sounds that will really get this area humming. The first is THOH and the second is MAE (or MAY). Play around with these sounds for a bit. When you chant them, draw the sound out. Make your throat, mouth and face vibrate. The goal is to feel the vibration and tingling in your third eye region. If you need help with this, search YouTube. There are a couple good examples on there of how it should sound.
  5. Yarrow Essential Oil - This is one of our favorites and we use it all the time. It's a little costly, but well worth it! Place a drop on your finger and then rub it on your 3rd eye in a clockwise motion before meditation and see what happens!
This is not going to be an overnight process. It takes time. Time for you to grow, change and to be able to accept this new change. And this change will be big, trust us!  You are becoming an enlightened creature and that takes time. Be patient grasshopper... it will come.   Blessings, Mark & Laura


  • Mark & Laura

    Absolutely spot on Amy! Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom.
    Love & Light,

  • AmyRose?

    Living within a certain life style with intention to live from the Heart and Instinct, opens the 3rd eye and it just becomes a way of Being. It just happens. Stress is a big factor and when it is high the ability to tune into the 3rd eye decreases. Great article and so so true. Thank you!!! <3

  • Mark &amp; Laura

    You are always welcome to email us Amy if you ever need to. Everyone is, for that matter! If you just need to talk, have questions or ideas… that is what we are here for. This is truly our life. We live, eat and breathe it 24/7.

  • AmyRose?

    You are so very welcome! There are not too many people I can even talk to about this because it is beyond their understanding. Thank YOU for dedicating your Life to living the Higher Way. Bless you! <3

  • AmyRose?

    I followed you so hopefully you will post when I am online. Thank you for the offer of email. I SO appreciate it. This is how I live as well, and as you can well imagine, very misunderstood. The good thing is, some who have known me are beginning to experience what I do. YAY! I am seeing the ripple effect!! This is what my blog is all about … I speak in riddles so that the words can be understood on several different levels. Thank YOU for following me! :) <3

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