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  Some of you may need to borrow this photo... lol. We're out of retrograde finally, so we can all resume our regularly scheduled programs.

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We all lead hectic lives, there's no getting around that. But, there are a few things that you can do every day that can raise your vibration. Raising your vibration helps you to be more balanced during the day. Little things won't bother you as much. It also helps you to connect with others and Lord knows we all need to do this a little more! It helps you to have sympathy and empathy for your fellow human being. It also aids as a protective shield against other people's negative juju. We all have our own crap we're trying to...

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Yep, we said it! Meditating can reduce your brain age by over 7 years. Researchers from NeuroImage published a new study suggesting that this could in fact, be the case. The brains of 50 meditators were compared to the brains of 50 non-meditators. The study showed that participants that had been practicing meditation for 20 years on average, had younger brains than the non-meditating group. They also found that older meditators had particularly well-preserved brains, suggesting that meditation could provide protection against brain cell loss which is common in the aging. This research, while incredibly compelling, isn't definitive. There are many factors in...

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