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I thought it would be very appropriate to have my first blog post be about faith. I have found myself thinking a lot about that word lately and what it means to me. Webster defines Faith as "having a strong belief in someone or something". I like to think of it as a knowing. When I have faith in something, it is a kind of certainty that I feel in my whole being. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't have faith. These people tend to need proof, tangible evidence that the thing I am talking about is real. I completely understand this view-point. Faith is a very personal experience. So what I have faith in, may not be what you have faith in. Therefore, how can I prove it to you? You can not feel what I feel or know what I know and vice versa. This is where tolerance comes into play (which I'm sure I'll write in more detail about later!). Honoring the space that you are in as being different from the space I am in. I find that faith comes from the same energy vibration as love, and this is what gives it that extra boost. There are moments in my life when I feel the great connection and my faith is shining out from me like a glowing sun. I love when this happens because it feels amazing. This is not all the time though. I struggle, have doubts and fears just like everyone else does. I believe each of these emotions are important and part of this physical experience we are in. Having faith in something bigger than me is a comfort. In that moment that I have that knowing (faith), fear and uncertainty is not present. There is a peace in my physical body, mind and spirit that is inescapable. The goal for me is to have this experience last for more than just moments at a time, but for this to be my norm. Always a work in progress! Namaste, Laurafaith

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