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We all lead hectic lives, there's no getting around that. But, there are a few things that you can do every day that can raise your vibration. Raising your vibration helps you to be more balanced during the day. Little things won't bother you as much. It also helps you to connect with others and Lord knows we all need to do this a little more! It helps you to have sympathy and empathy for your fellow human being. It also aids as a protective shield against other people's negative juju. We all have our own crap we're trying to...

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Candle flames have long been thought to be passageways where our petitions and prayers can pass to the other side. Using candles we can create a bridge  between our physical world and the higher sources we seek to connect with. The root of the word votive means 'vow' or 'to vow'. Most of us whether we realize it or not have been practicing candle magick since we were children. The simple act of making a wish and blowing out birthday candles is much deeper than it seems. We close our eyes(focus), we make a wish(intent), and then blow out the...

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"Let my prayer be incense before you; my uplifted hands an evening offering" Old Testament - Exodus, Psalm 141:2 No worries, we won't be quoting scripture here, just want to make a point that incense and the burning thereof for spiritual beliefs have been around a long, long time. Most every faith or culture has used them in one shape or form to carry their message to the Heavens. There is something about the whole process, the flame, lighting it and letting it burn until you have a nice glow, placing it in the censer, the incense itself that lends...

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