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Mark & I have quite an extensive background in crystals, having worked in a metaphysical shop for many years. I decided to  write about some of our very favorites and maybe introduce you to some you've never heard of. I really wanted to let everyone know how amazing they are, not just in their physical appearance, but by the way they feel and the way they make you feel. We're kicking off this series with the beautiful Brandberg crystal. I am currently having a love affair with this gorgeous crystal, and after reading about it, maybe you'll start your own affair!...

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The New Moon falls on Sunday, June 5 and it's going to be an amazing opportunity for manifestation. The New Moon is all about new beginnings. This is the time to set your intentions on what your heart truly desires. Because this moon is in Gemini, it is especially powerful. Gemini represents communication and self-expression. This is the perfect combination for manifestation. Communicate your desires, truly express yourself and feel the power of the Universe working with you. It is incredibly important during this phase to get real with yourself. That is what this is all about, getting really real....

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