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Spiritual Properties of Incense and Herbs

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on September 25 2019

Incense and Herbs are not only used because they smell good, but because each scent holds a specific vibration. Here is a list of some (not all) of the most popular scents and what they are used for:


Amber - clearing, love, healing, wisdom, past life recall & initiation 

 Dark Amber resin

Anise - increases psychic powers, protection, purifying, good luck & power

Star Anise

Benzoin - purification, astral travel, prosperity (add to cinnamon), balancing & eases anxiety

Benzoin resin incense Benzoin resin incense

Cedar - purification, love, psychic powers, peace, divination & vitality

Cedar leaves Cedar leaves

Cinnamon - attracts money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, protection & personal power

Cinnamon sticks

Clove - clears negativity, purifying, attracts money, stops & prevents gossip


Copal - purification, uplifting, protection, remove energy blocks & transmutes negative energy

Copal resin incense Copal resin incense

Dragons Blood (always make sure you are using premium Dragons Blood!) - purification, protection, fire energy, boosts any other incense that it is burned with

Dragons Blood resin incense Premium Dragons Blood

Eucalyptus - healing, brings in fresh energy, wards off evil, nurturing & aids in transformation 


Frankincense - dispels negativity, purifying, use for consecration, protection, exorcism & power

Frankincense resin incense Frankincense resin incense

Lavender - soothing, relaxing, protection, eases anxiety, aids in sleep, love & happiness


Lemongrass - mental clarity, fidelity, boosts energy, playfulness & purifying

Dried Lemongrass 

Musk - aphrodisiac, lust, prosperity, courage, balance & working with the Afterlife

Kastoori Musk incense  Kastoori Musk incense

Myrrh - purification, consecration, healing, protection, exorcism & boosts the spirit

 Myrrh resin incense

Patchouli - prosperity, wealth, abundance, growth, fertility, sensuality & love

Patchouli Patchouli

Rosemary - protection, purification, cleansing, sun magick, offering to the goddess Venus

White Sage - protection, purifying, sacred plant, wisdom & plant medicine

White Sage White Sage

Yerba Santa - protection, setting boundaries, empowerment, release of emotional trauma stuck in the Heart chakra

 Yerba Santa