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Spiritual Properties of Incense and Herbs

Written by Laura Peto


Incense and Herbs are not only used because they smell good, but because each scent holds a specific vibration. Here is a list of some (not all) of the most popular scents and what they are used for:


Amber - clearing, love, healing, wisdom, past life recall & initiation 

 Dark Amber resin

Anise - increases psychic powers, protection, purifying, good luck & power

Star Anise

Benzoin - purification, astral travel, prosperity (add to cinnamon), balancing & eases anxiety

Benzoin resin incense Benzoin resin incense

Cedar - purification, love, psychic powers, peace, divination & vitality

Cedar leaves Cedar leaves

Cinnamon - attracts money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, protection & personal power

Cinnamon sticks

Clove - clears negativity, purifying, attracts money, stops & prevents gossip


Copal - purification, uplifting, protection, remove energy blocks & transmutes negative energy

Copal resin incense Copal resin incense

Dragons Blood (always make sure you are using premium Dragons Blood!) - purification, protection, fire energy, boosts any other incense that it is burned with

Dragons Blood resin incense Premium Dragons Blood

Eucalyptus - healing, brings in fresh energy, wards off evil, nurturing & aids in transformation 

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus

Frankincense - dispels negativity, purifying, use for consecration, protection, exorcism & power

Frankincense resin incense Frankincense resin incense

Lavender - soothing, relaxing, protection, eases anxiety, aids in sleep, love & happiness

Lavender Lavender

Lemongrass - mental clarity, fidelity, boosts energy, playfulness & purifying

Dried Lemongrass Dried Lemongrass

Musk - aphrodisiac, lust, prosperity, courage, balance & working with the Afterlife

Kastoori Musk incense  Kastoori Musk incense

Myrrh - purification, consecration, healing, protection, exorcism & boosts the spirit

 Myrrh resin incense

Patchouli - prosperity, wealth, abundance, growth, fertility, sensuality & love

Patchouli Patchouli

White Sage - protection, purifying, sacred plant, wisdom & plant medicine

White Sage White Sage