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Archangel Michael premium incense sticks

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If you find yourself in need of spiritual protection and strength, our Archangel Michael Incense Sticks are a wonderful tool to aid you. Archangel Michael is the Chief of the Angels and commander of God's Army of Angels. He is known for his exceptional strength and courage and protects those who follow the Divine. He represents good prevailing over evil.

Michael is also known for helping Light workers with their Divine life purpose, whatever that may be. Michael’s colors are royal purple/royal blue and gold.  To many people, he seems to appear as a purplish-blue light.  These visions occur most often just before sleep or immediately upon awakening.


  • Helps to set the intention of communicating with AA Michael
  • Cleans the energy in a room
  • Provides spiritual protection and strength


  • 15g pack (approx 8-10 sticks)

We also have Archangel Michael incense cones available!