Benzoin Artisan Incense

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Benzoin is such a delicious aroma with its soft, subtle vanilla scent. It is intoxicating, comforting and wraps you in a nurturing hug. These are perfect for any Sacred Space.

Benzoin has long been used in Buddhist and Hindu temples to help bring focus and awareness to those pursuing a spiritual practice where meditation and prayer are fundamental.

Benzoin has a long history with spiritual and metaphysical practices from all around the world. For centuries its sumptuous sweet smoke has provided the perfect medium that spirits might manifest in.

This gorgeous resin has mild sedative properties, which may help to calm an overactive mind and deeply root and ground a person.

This listing is for 1 pack of 10 premium artisan incense. Hand made, hand rolled and hand packed

Only the finest herbs, resins and oils are used.

These incense are approx. 2 times the thickness of conventional incense and may last over an hour (depending on room conditions).

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