Black Onyx Gourd - Hulu

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In Chinese, the gourd is called Hulu. Meaning "protect" and "blessing". Besides using the gourd as a container for liquors, magic elixirs or medicine, the immortals also used the gourd to suck and confine evil spirits to it. Hence, the gourd is believed to have the ability to absorb negative energy in the surroundings.

Within the gourd there is a mystical zone in the form of an alternate universe or the entrance to another world, and Taoist immortals and practitioners can travel between these two worlds. The gourd is an ancient Taoist symbol of longevity and good health, but also a symbol of release.

The shape of the gourd is likened to Heaven and Earth united; the top part of gourd being Heaven and the bottom Earth. This represents completeness and harmony.

The gourd is known as the “precious gourd” in Feng Shui, and is considered a receptacle of good fortune.

Black Onyx is a powerful stone of protection that absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevent your energy from being drained by "psychic vampires". 

Black Onyx encourages happiness, abundance and good fortune. This gorgeous black stone works with the Root chakra and is very grounding and centering.

The Black Onyx Gourds are powerful talismans to place in your wealth corner (Feng Shui), near your cash box if you are a business owner, on top of your checkbook or in your home office, to attract and protect good fortune and wealth.

Measures approx 1 3/4" x 1"