Citrine Crystal Skull

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Citrine has been commonly known by the names “Success Stone”, “Abundance Stone”, and “Merchants Stone”, told in lore to promote success and abundance specifically in business and commerce. If placed where one conducts business or in the ‘Wealth Corner’ of one’s home, it is said to not only acquire positive wealth, but the ability to maintain it as well.

This is one of the only gemstones that dispels and dissipates most any and all negative energy, yet never requires cleansing or clearing. Emitting a warm energy that promotes joy and optimism, it attracts abundance as well, warding off depression, stress and general unhappiness.

Citrine enhances the whole body’s healing energy, opening the conscious mind to intuition, and directing creative energy into the open mind. It is said to help one adjust and adapt to changes and to process those changes, feeling confident and secure in the process. It’s warm radiating energy may aid in voice projection, which also helps to boost one’s self esteem.

Much of the Citrine on the market today is in fact heat treated Amethyst. This is NOT! This is real natural Citrine and is quite rare.

Crystal skulls are used for ceremonial work, healing, energy work, and enhancing one's psychic abilities. Used for healing, they aid in self awareness and creating balance to opening psychic abilities to be able to understand the nature of human creation and evolution.

You will receive the exact piece shown in the photos which measures approx 5.1" and weighs 1315g (a hair under 3 pounds!).