Buddha Monk Blue Tea Pet

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A tea pet is a small clay figure that is used during traditional Chinese tea ceremonies and by tea lovers for good luck. These little cuties are made of purple clay (Yixing, which is some of the finest clay and dates back to the 15th century) and are intentionally left unglazed.

Raising a tea pet ~ The way that tea lovers raise a tea pet is quite similar to the way that they maintain a Yixing clay teapot. They often pour leftover tea over their tea pets, and use a tea brush to wipe the surface of the tea pet to help it absorb the tea evenly. Tea pets should be only rinsed with water, without using soap or any dish-washing liquid, to ensure a progressive increase in the fragrance and color of the tea. After prolonged maintenance, over months or years, the tea pet will absorb the tea, and its appearance will become glossier along with the aroma of the tea. (Wikipedia)

These adorable little buddha monks are a perfect decoration for your zen space too. Use as a shelf sitter in your favorite reading nook, place on your altar along with beautiful incense or give as a thoughtful gift.

Measures approx 3" high

Also available in yellow, cream and pink