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We believe that if you have found yourself here, it is by Divine design and we are so very happy to have you! We have been intuitively reading for people for many many years and feel so blessed to be able to offer ourselves to those who need it, but don't live in our area.

This listing is the equivalent of a 30 minute reading with tarot/oracle cards. We use a 9 card spread for you, which is what we use for those that come in to see us (we will send you a photo of your spread so you will be able to see exactly what we are talking about in the write up that will be sent along with it). Using this spread we are able to show you exactly what we are being told by Spirit. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask! If you would like a general reading, that's perfect too. Just let us know what you are looking for in the notes to seller. Please be as specific as possible.... vague questions receive vague answers, that's just the rule of the universe.

Our readings are honest, but also solution based. All things can change and we believe that with the knowledge we provide to you, this will better equip you to make the best choices possible for the best outcome possible.

So, here is what we need from you:

1. Your 1st name
2. Your gender
3. Your full date of birth
4. Specific questions - If no specific question, just make a note for a general reading
5. Your email address - The file we send will include a photo of your spread and your personalized write up in PDF format
6. Your reading will be sent to you within 24hrs of receipt of payment. If this is urgent, let us know and we will do our very best to send you your reading asap (this is not a guarantee, but we will do our very best for you).

What we will not answer - Life or death questions of any sort and lottery questions.

It is imperative that you are completely honest, open and that you clearly communicate your needs with us.

If you have any questions before making your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Many blessings to you,
Mark & Laura


"Thank you for the beautiful reading. It gave me chills reading what you wrote. And gives me clarity in what I need to do. You are one of the first shops I have used and keep using for my spiritual guidance. Many blessings and thank you for the gift of guidance."

"I have a huge grin on my face. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!"

"THANK YOU for a wonderful, accurate reading. Shall I say- incredibly accurate reading!"

"Thank you! I've read through your reading several times, wanting to digest what you've said, and I have to say that it is extremely accurate."

"Laura's reading of me was very accurate. Thank you again Laura."

"Laura your reading was spot on !! Thank you 🎉🎉🎉"

"Just had a reading from Laura she was extremely accurate like she new me better than I did myself. Thank you so much laura xx"

"I was VERY pleasantly surprised when this reader agreed to my request for having my cards read over the phone. She turned out to be agreeable, + INCREDIBLY accurate in every department! Laura was so attuned to me + my vibrations I actually got a bit scared, which is NOT like me! I can assure all persons reading this that this woman is the REAL DEAL. Accurate, sympathetic but instructive, she tuned right in to my present circumstances, future, etc; and also got me back onto my spiritual path that I have pretty much neglected for some time. All I can say is that it's not necessary for me to go to ANY other reader- + I'll bet everyone out there has the same experience!"

"I've had a reading done by Laura before, so I trust her to tell me the truth- + she did! Actually I got a LOT of info for my small amount of money. This reader is probably the best I've ever come across- HIGHLY recommended."

* You must be 18 to purchase this listing. We are obligated to state that our readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never be used in place of medical care or advice

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