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Devils Claw Herb - Esoteric Aroma
Devils Claw Herb - Esoteric Aroma
Devils Claw Herb - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Devils Claw Herb

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Common Name: Devil's Claw

Botanical Name: Harpogophytum  procumbens

Devil's Claw is a herbaceous plant that is native to the Kalahari savanna of Southern Africa, the Namibian steppes and Madagascar. It plays a valuable role in African folk medicine, where it has been used as a digestive tonic, for blood disorders, to reduce fever and as an analgesic (pain reliever). 

Devil’s Claw is one of the most frequently used home remedies for arthritis. But that isn't the only way Devil’s Claw benefits the body. Like Turmeric, Devil’s Claw serves as a natural anti-inflammatory and like the South American root, Cat's Claw, it is used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and digestive problems.

Spiritual ~
This is a powerful exorcism and purification herb, it is burned on charcoal to cleanse your house of negativity. This is a great herb to burn when moving into a new home to remove the residual energies of previous tenants. 
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