Juniper Berries

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Juniper has been used as incense for a very long time for its powerful protection and healing energies. It is used in exorcisms, to help increase psychic powers, to break hexes and curses and to attract good, healthy energies. The spicy warmth of Juniper berries purifies the aura, clarifies thought, and protects from negativity. In aromatherapy, juniper berry is used against anxiety, to improve memory and mental clarity, and for sedation.

Juniper Berry (Juniper communis) is an excellent addition to a more standard smudge. Most smudges are designed to clear negative energy and Juniper does this as well but can also create a safe, protective, positive, healing space when the negative energy is removed. 

Juniper berries are energetically and physically detoxifying as well as centering.

*It is important to note that the seeds may "pop" when used in a smudge blend. Always use caution when burning herbs.

Comes in 2oz or 3oz package