Organic Lemongrass dried herb

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Our Organic Lemongrass dried herb is a wonderful energetic cleansing tool. The cleansing action of lemongrass is two-fold—it clears up any obstacles standing in your way and as such has developed a reputation for being an important ingredient in Road Opening magical work, and it also is known to help in changing bad luck to good-making it especially popular with those who have been afflicted by negative conditions. Because of its ability to foster cleansing and open conditions, lemongrass is sometimes used in Love Magic.

It is said that by drinking a cup of Lemongrass tea, psychic abilities and divinations are enhanced and sharpened. This is a wonderful tea to drink just before any meditation practice as it brings about a sense of peace and tranquility.

We love to add it to our sage when smudging our space. It brings in an uplifting and fresh feeling and smells amazing!

This listing is for 1oz of this beautiful dried herb