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Blue Vervain dried herb - Esoteric Aroma
Blue Vervain dried herb - Esoteric Aroma
Blue Vervain dried herb - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Blue Vervain dried herb

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Common Name: Blue Vervain

Botanical Name: Verbena hastata

Blue Vervain is a wonderful detoxing herb. Because it is a diuretic, it stimulates the release of urine, toxins, water, salts and fats. It is also a very emotionally soothing plant that treats nervous disorders including chronic stress, anxiety and insomnia.

It has pain relieving properties that work well on headaches, migraines and joint pain.

Spiritual ~

Vervain was one of THE most sacred plants to the Druids and it was used for divination, consecration and ritual cleansing of sacred spaces. Vervain has a long history of use in purification and King Solomon cleansed the Temple with it and Christians believe it was used to stop the blood from flowing from Jesus' wounds on the cross.

Vervain is used in magick for balance, anointing, centering, banishing, releasing, clearing, prosperity, peace, visions and prophecy. 

Vervain combined with any other herbs in magical work is believed by some to enhance the action of these herbs.

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