Lotus Dzi Adjustable Necklace

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This absolutely gorgeous Lotus Flower dzi adjustable necklace is a beautiful reminder to us that beauty can grow and thrive even in the toughest of conditions. The lotus flower helps to generate for its wearer peace and tranquility. This dzi is incredibly popular for its protection from all negative forces & evil and gives one peace of mind. It purifies the mental state, enlightens one's understanding towards spirituality and helps ensure the safety and health of the human body.

The lotus symbolizes many things, including spirituality, purity, enlightenment, and compassion. In India, Nepal and Tibet, Lotus is a sacred flower historically known to have appeared from solid grass ground following the footsteps of Buddha when he was born.

This is a ‘Fire Burial’ Dzi which means it was placed in hot coals while being chanted over by the monks who make them. This imbues the properties of the symbols(s) deep within the crystal itself. You can tell by the mottled appearance of the crystal colors and the ‘Naga’ or Dragon skin as it is called.

The process of hand making Dzi beads has been kept a secret in Tibet for untold centuries. Only the highest grade materials are used, which include over a dozen types of Tibetan minerals and crystals. 

You will receive the exact piece shown in the photos which includes a Lotus dzi that measures approx 1 1/4" and Rosewood beads.
This necklace is adjustable. Just pull the knots on each side of the cord to increase or decrease the size.

* Dzi beads should be treated as sacred/special objects and not just jewelry or a trinket. The symbols they carry and what they represent go back thousands of years and carry all of that momentum and energy forward with them. It is recommended that one wash their hands before putting it on or taking it off, do not wear it during sexual activity and when not worn should be placed/kept in a spot designated just for it. Dzi beads can and do absorb negative energies and things that do not serve us for our personal growth, as such they become a powerful spiritual tool if treated with the proper care they deserve.