Blue Calcite

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Calcite is an amazing stone that boosts the flow of energy throughout the body and clears any negative energies that may be stuck there. Blue Calcite resonates with both the 3rd Eye and Throat Chakras and is an incredibly soothing and calming crystal.

Blue is a powerful spiritual color, which means that blue calcite has powerful spiritual properties. These are stones of healing, recovery, communication, and even the development of psychic or paranormal powers.

This is a wonderful piece to work with if you think that you may have any psychic abilities. It amplifies the energy within the 3rd eye, allowing you to "see" more clearly. With its work in the Throat Chakra area, you are then able to communicate what you have "seen".

We have hand picked each and every one of these gorgeous blue crystals, which measure approx 1 1/4"+

This listing is for 1 piece