Malachite Mineral Specimen

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Malachite has beauty, brawn and is a very protective stone as it creates a strong protective barrier around the energetic field of the one who uses it. Many ancient Egyptians would carve talismans from this beautiful stone to carry for protection.

The gorgeous greens work with your heart chakra and help to heal emotional wounds. It also clears and activates all other chakras, which helps you to feel balanced and centered.

Malachite is wonderful for increasing your concentration skills, as well as being beneficial to the physical, psychic, and intuitive vision. It will assist you in finding a balanced path between desires of the ego and of the higher will. Aiding in the removal of emotional blockages and inspiring you with new and fresh ideas, Malachite will in turn help to manifest your goals that you have set. Soothing to the soul, it releases stress to assist in creating new beginnings.

As Malachite does absorb negative energy, especially in healing works, it may become weak or damaged if not cleansed often enough. We suggest cleansing with sage or incense smoke.

You will receive the exact piece shown in the photos which measures approx 3" x 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" and weighs 208g.