Temple of Solomon Resin Incense

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Our Temple of Solomon Incense Resin is an ancient blend of incense herbs, roots, flowers on a base of Benzoin resin. Benzoin has a gorgeous, vanilla aroma which is instantly calming and relaxing.

Benzoin is generally burnt as a purifying incense. This practice is prevalent throughout both Eastern and Western magickal practices, and is especially common in Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Shinto religions. It is used often for de-hexing and blessing, although it some magicians employ it for charging items of power. This is a peace-promoting resin and is used to drive away negativity, soothe anger and enhance concentration.

Since ancient times, Benzoin has been considered protective against all types of malignancy, especially when combined with other precious incense resins (frankincense, myrrh, copal, dragon's blood). Burning Benzoin incense prior to astral travel is said to protect oneself from evil entities that may be encountered during travel and that generally drives away any spirits that may attempt to possess the body while in such a state. Chinese magicians believe that burning this resin can enhance one's luck and increase the profitability of a business.

Comes in a 1oz packet