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Cedar Leaves - Esoteric Aroma
Cedar Leaves - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Cedar Leaves

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Cedar has a long history of uses in sacred temples, cleansing and purification rituals as well as sweat lodge ceremonies for indigenous peoples. The tree itself was thought to house important gods and an entrance to higher spiritual realms.

In magick, This wonderful herb makes an excellent incense with sun properties and produces a warm, woodsy and soothing scent. Cedarwood smoke was inhaled by oracles prior to prophecy, works well for consecrating a wand, and plays a part in Midsummer celebrations. This herb is also helpful for working on the ego or centering oneself and building self-esteem. A wonderful herb to add to all Healing spells as well!

We like to add a little to White Sage when smudging  as it is also a potent energetic cleanser.

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