Angel Tuning Fork Set

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This lovely set of Angel Tuning Forks opens the gateway to the Angelic Realm. This set enhances the connection to Universal Energy, which in turn allows for greater ease in raising your vibration to see and hear other dimensions.

The sound is delicate and high in pitch and can be used in a number of ways. Tap two of the tuners with the other one and move them around different areas of your head (this will vibrate your cranial bones).

Use them in conjunction with angelic crystals (Celestite is perfect for this type of work!) to truly amplify your sound healing session.

Use to energetically clear your Sacred Space, your crystals and yourself.

The set includes: 3 tuning forks tuned to 4096, 4160 & 4225

Forks measure approx 3.75" x 1"

Comes in a purple velvet pouch 

*Biosonic tuning forks are designed to scientific standards using the highest quality aluminum alloy, Alcoa aluminum. The aluminum is domestically produced within the regulations of United States and meets all environmental laws. Alcoa was named one of the top three Sustainable Corporations in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In 2005, Business Week magazine, in conjunction with the Climate Group, ranked Alcoa as one of the “Top Green Companies“ in cutting their carbon gas emissions. Biosonic tuning forks are immune to corrosion, have the highest rating for quality of surface finish, and have no sharp edges.