Body Tuning Fork Set

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The Biosonic Body Tuners are the most powerful tuning fork combination. The C and G tuners create a “perfect fifth” and open the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. Listening to these two different tones, your body makes one tone, bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. Within 30 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to stretch a muscle), you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which might take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation.

The set includes: 2 tuning forks tuned to C256 & G384

Forks measure approx 8 1/4" x 1" & 7 1/4" x 1"

Comes in a blue velvet pouch with instruction booklet

*Biosonic tuning forks are designed to scientific standards using the highest quality aluminum alloy, Alcoa aluminum. The aluminum is domestically produced within the regulations of United States and meets all environmental laws. Alcoa was named one of the top three Sustainable Corporations in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In 2005, Business Week magazine, in conjunction with the Climate Group, ranked Alcoa as one of the “Top Green Companies“ in cutting their carbon gas emissions. Biosonic tuning forks are immune to corrosion, have the highest rating for quality of surface finish, and have no sharp edges.