Protection Artisan Bath Soap

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Our Protection artisan bath soap smells delicious, feels amazing and is made with Black Salt. Black Salt has been used to ward off negativity by sprinkling across a doorstep, under a bed to keep away nightmares, added to floor wash and ritual baths to keep negativity away and many, many other applications. Also known as Sal Negro, Witches Salt, Santeria Salt.

We've added Oakmoss essential oil and Benzoin tree resin to make this bar extra incredible. Oakmoss is a highly spiritual oil that is used for luck, money and protection. Benzoin resin is used as a purifier and cleanser (energetically speaking). The two together are powerful grounding, strengthening and protecting vibrations.

Our soap gets its rich, creamy lather from two simple natural ingredients, coconut oil and olive oil. They will leave your skin squeaky clean and super moisturized. Our skin is our largest organ, everything we put on it, goes in it. Take care of yours today with ingredients Mother Nature intended!

Beautifully handcrafted in small batches to ensure the very best soap, every time.

Each big beautiful chunky bar weighs approx. 7 oz