Psychic Power Oil

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Our Psychic Power Oil features Mugwort Pieces with minty top notes in a base of Rose, and is formulated to help focus psychic energy. This blend is created by combining herbs and oils traditionally associated with this intention.

Just before beginning any type of psychic practice, dab a small amount on your third eye (with carrier). This is also a beautiful blend to add to an aroma lamp in the bedroom just before bed. It will enhance dream time, astral projecting and out of body experiences.

Although these oils are body grade, they are highly concentrated and should be diluted with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Grapeseed oil for body use. Sun’s Eye oils are highly concentrated blends of essential and fragrance oils, which are synthesized from a wide variety of ingredients.  These oils are petroleum-free, paraben-free, DBP and DEHP-free, as well as vegan—meaning no animal products or testing.

External use only.  Do not ingest.  Keep away from children and finished surfaces.

This is a .5oz bottle with dispenser cap.