Handcrafted Mala Beads

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with the world renowned Spiritual Guide, Ayesha Sheeba. Ayesha began her work as a Spiritual Guide over 20 years ago. Her journey as a gifted soul began as early as 2 years old, with extraordinary intuition and clairvoyance that has enabled her to communicate and access multiple dimensions in ease since childhood.

Ayesha is now offering handcrafted mala prayer beads made with genuine crystal gemstones and natural materials. Along with these incredibly energetic malas, she also crafts bracelets and pendants.

Every product in her store is handpicked based on its vibration/energy and contains premium gemstones/natural beads and metal that has been tested and pre-blessed before being prepared for listing. The spiritual vibration in each product is very intense and therefore cannot be compared to that of other products available in the global online market.

The products are made to order and none are sent without being blessed and prayed over twice by Ayesha Sheeba by placing in her altar. You can request special prayers and energy infusion by Ascended Masters as well. This service is free for all her customers.

She believes in adding value to your spiritual growth and life here through her numerous services. Do feel free to contact her if your require any further clarification regarding her services and products.
Click HERE to be taken directly to her online shop, where you can purchase your very own handcrafted item, direct from India. *Please note that these items are ordered directly through Ayesha, made by Ayesha and shipped direct to you from India. Any other items on our site will come from us, here in the U.S.