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7 Archangel Premium Incense Sticks - Esoteric Aroma
7 Archangel Premium Incense Sticks - Esoteric Aroma
7 Archangel Premium Incense Sticks - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

7 Archangel Premium Incense Sticks

$ 6.00

This 7 Archangel premium incense are a beautifully boxed set that are perfect to use during your meditation and/or prayer practice. 

  • Archangel Michael, also known as St. Michael the Archangel, serves on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. The guardian angels serve under Archangel Michael. He is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith and the Angel of Deliverance.
  • The patron saint of artists, Archangel Jophiel’s name means 'Beauty of God' and she helps us to see and maintain beauty in life. Archangel Jophiel supports us in thinking beautiful thoughts and in staying positive as well as in creating and manifesting beauty in our surroundings and in our hearts. 
  • Archangel Chamuel assists us in finding the strength and courage to face adversity when it seems we have none left. He can also help to find items that are lost, to find important parts of our lives such as life purpose, a love relationship, a new job, and supportive friendships, and to find solutions to problems. 
  • Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of communication and often announces what is on the horizon, and acts like a manager or agent in orchestrating new ventures related to one’s soul purpose. 
  • Archangel Raphael helps to develop Divine vision, intuition and insights, and enhances creative visualization and manifestation techniques. Raphael helps us to develop our inner-vision and intuitive abilities, and helps to open our hearts and minds to the healing powers of the Universe. Archangel Raphael brings us in touch with our personal spirituality and allows us to find healing in nature and in the Universal Energies.
  • Archangel Uriel rules the mental plane, our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment. Uriel is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and he can show us how to find our inner power through a process that will help each individual Shift in consciousness and therefore accelerate the entire human kingdom's shift into higher realms of consciousness.
  • Archangel Zadkiel rules the highest vibration in the rainbow, the Violet Ray which is the 7th ray of the rainbow’s colour spectrum. Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian of the ‘Violet Flame of Transformation and Healing’, which has the highest vibrational frequency. This brings soul freedom and joy by releasing us from our limiting behaviours, concepts, beliefs and karmic binds or lessons.

Each of the 7 Archangel boxes contains 4 sticks of premium masala incense (for a total of 28 sticks).

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