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Agarwood Pig Totem Animal

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The Agarwood Pig Totem Animal is the perfect gift for yourself or your spiritual friend! The totem is a hand carved Pig made from Agarwood stone. This beautiful totem goes great on any shelf, table, or nightstand where you can constantly see it. The Pig represents fertility, growth, abundance, being grounded, and sincerity. While Agarwood is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Both symbols have a strong connection to the spirit realm and exemplifies the power of focus and strength when meditating. So get your special totem now! 


  • Pig attracts positive movement in your life and stability
  • Agarwood attracts abundance into your life
  • Totem brings good luck
  • Helps ground you during meditation


You will receive 1 (ONE) hand carved pig that measures approx 2" x 1 1/2".

PLEASE NOTE - There is no scent of Agarwood (Oudh) from these carvings.