Amazonite - Tumbled crystal

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Amazonite is an excellent stress relief tool and at the same time it is highly energizing. You may simply keep it on your body, by putting a piece of the stone in your pocket.
Hold this stone in your hand while doing affirmations, as this may aid their manifestation, as it brings extra energy to using positive affirmations.
This is a stone of manifestation, and is powerful when combined both with the power of truth and the energy of the spoken word.
This blue-green crystal is an extremely soothing and calming stone. It will also aid you to release the stress associated with these previous experiences.
You may need to learn better methods to communicate, and this stone may aid the process. They will help you to determine how the words you may have spoken in the past may have created your current reality.
Measures approx 1"
Listing is for 1 piece