Amethyst - Natural with Hematite

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Amethyst is an amazing crystal that is all about healing on every level, is incredibly protective and promotes intense spiritual growth. Those in the field of Reiki Healing would do well with this crystal, as it uses the energy of the Violet Flame which is overseen by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain.

Our natural Amethyst crystals are of the deepest, darkest purple and many have a layering of Hematite (Red Iron Oxide) dusted on the tips. This makes for an extremely powerful crystal!

Hematite is extremely good at helping you to remain grounded, balanced and energetically protected. It aids in bringing your energy back into your body and connects it with the energy of the Earth. A premier Root Chakra stone, it works especially well for those that love using high vibration crystals or if you ever feel a little 'spacey' from time to time.

This wonderful stone is known to dissolve negativity, transform it into a more positive vibe and prevents others' negativity from attaching to you.

Together they are an amazing combination.

These are natural crystals and vary in shape, coloring and size.

The photos will give you an idea of the size range variation.

Please choose from the drop down menu for your weight choice:

87-100g - measure approx 2-3"L  --- Sold Out
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25-35g - measure approx 1 1/2"L
15-21g - measure approx 1 1/4-2 1/4"L - *you will receive two pieces, 15-21g each.*