Apache Tears - 4pcs, Natural Stone

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Apache Tears are an amazing stone, and if you've never worked with them before, you really must. They are a form of Obsidian, with a more friendly vibration than some of the others. This is an extremely protective and grounding stone, especially if you are in any type of healing profession. This is wonderful to keep in your auric field. They are said to aid your intuition into knowing when you are in danger of psychic attach, which then allows you the choice of what happens next.

Because this is a volcanic stone, it is a cleanser. A cleanser of old habits, emotions and patterns that may be holding you back. Just be aware that with cleansing, there may be discomfort! But, that is what spiritual growth is all about. Clearing out that unnecessary junk makes room for a beautiful new you!

We always encourage people to work with a new stone one on one in the beginning. Get to know it and how it makes you feel. See if any emotions or memories come to the surface. Pay attention to this... it's happening for a reason! Before you stick a brand new stone in your pocket and head out the door for the day, take a bit to synchronize with its energy. Once you've done this and know what to expect from it, then you'll be better equipped to deal with whatever the crystal has in store for you.

You will receive 4 pieces of this lovely stone measuring approx 1/2" - 3/4"