Aragonite Crystal Sphere

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Aragonite is a stone that centers and grounds physical energies which is extremely useful in times of stress. It resonates strongly through the base chakra and the earth chakra to release excess energy, and spiritual grounding into Mother Gaia.

It helps to prepare for meditation and stabilizes spiritual development. They are known to bring visions of forgotten memories, both from this life and past lives. It may be challenging to have these memories that you would rather have forgotten, come back to your attention. As this is quite common when using these stones, it is highly beneficial to use this crystal before meditation, to enable you to be more prepared.

They clear the auric field of disharmony and then balance the chakras. The energy of this stone may bring your vibration to a higher point, in preparation for making contact with spirit. Once it has succeeded in raising your vibration this energy then flows through to energize the physical body.

You will receive the exact piece shown that measures approx 1 1/2", weighs 122g and comes with the stand pictured.
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