Blood Orange - Essential Oil

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Blood Orange pure essential oil is used in spell work to honor the Sun. It is warm, nurturing and protective. It is also used for spells that involve bringing two forces together (people, synchronicities etc).

This is a pure essential oil, which has not been diluted at all. If using on the skin, add a few drops in a carrier oil first (never put directly on skin as it may cause irritation). If using in an oil burner, add water to the burner then add a few drops of oil.

Perfect to make your own herbal concoctions, perfumes, lotions, liquid spells and so much more!

This is a big 1oz/30ml bottle with an orifice reducer cap

*Always use caution when using pure essential oils. If pregnant, please check with your doctor before using!
We make no medical claims about any of our essential oils and buyer should always do their own research
before purchasing herbal products.