Blue Onyx - 2pcs Tumbled crystal gems

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Blue Onyx gems are such a gorgeous crystal, with its midnight blue color and sparkle and flash. It reminds us of looking into the night sky and is a must have crystal for meditation, spell work and to keep in your pocket. This is why we are offering this stone as a set. One is a small pocket stone to keep with you throughout the day, and the other is for meditation or spellwork.

Blue Onyx is said to aid with balancing the emotions, relieves stress and increases self control. It helps one to be more comfortable in their surroundings and helps one to make wise decisions. This little lovely protects your personal energy field from those that are draining you. The perfect piece to put in your pocket before heading out the door to work!

Just by looking at this stone you can tell that it has deep and mysterious magical powers. This is definitely a crystal to have on your altar. It aids with focusing the intention of any spell or ritual being performed. Because this is an energy stone, it will give you and your spell that little boost to make the magic really zing!

You will receive 2pcs of these beautiful stones.