Buddha Meditation Incense Stick Set

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This is the perfect set to use during meditation, prayer and/or yoga practice. We have combined a 12 pack of our gorgeous Om Champa incense sticks with a Buddha "coffin" incense burner to create a great starter kit.

Incense ~

Om is a sacred sound, a spiritual icon and a mantra. It is a Sanskrit word that translates as “ Source” or “Supreme.” The “AWE” sound, represents the start of the universe, the “Ooo” sound represents the energy of the Universe and the “Mmm” sound represents transformation. These three syllables also represent the three stages of life: birth, life and death or waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. This is the perfect incense to light before any practice devoted to higher consciousness, prayer and/or spirituality.

These are Masala incense, which are a blend of highly scented dry ingredients which are formed into a paste and then rolled onto a bamboo stick. Masala incense contain very little if any liquid scent(fragrance) and tend to be of much higher quality as such.

These incense are NOT your typical "head shop" incense and do not smell like perfume. The sticks are shorter than regular incense because they are handcrafted from bamboo.

Incense Holder ~

Our wooden incense coffin keeps your incense ashes discretely tucked away while allowing the smoke to slowly escape from the cutouts in the lid.

The Buddha detailing is made of brass and this holder measures 12" long. A secret compartment in the base allows you to store extra sticks in the bottom.