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Calcite and Limonite Mineral Specimen

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This Calcite on Limonite mineral specimen is beautiful and quite rare. It is wonderful to find a crystal that both firmly plants one to Mother Earth while also opening the Crown chakra to the Divine.

Limonite is a powerful grounding stone that resonates with the Sacral, Root (or Base) and Earth Star chakras. This is a strong protection stone that keeps one from being psychically attacked and protects the physical body when doing metaphysical workings.

Limonite assists in grounding and directing the flow of one’s life toward stability and comfort through powerful, mindful manifestation. Limonite helps one to stand firm with needing to fight back. Limonite is excellent for getting out of and raising yourself above situations where there are feelings of stagnation or being “bogged” down. It is a powerful mental healer and helps to prevent detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, and psychic attacks. This stone may be used to improve intuitive accuracy and enhance telepathy.

Calcite will amplify and increase energy. It is protecting, purifying, grounding and centering, and will assist in bringing one inner peace. Considered a Holy Stone for the Land of Their Fathers, Native Americans consider Calcite as a gift bestowed upon them by the Gods.

You will receive the exact piece shown which weighs 293g and measures approx 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"