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Call of the Shaman Incense Sticks - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Call of the Shaman Incense Sticks

$ 6.00

The Shaman is the keeper of knowledge, a bridge between this world and the world of Spirit, a healer and a mystic. This is the perfect stick to burn during meditation, prayer or any type of ritual work used to call upon the power of the Shaman. A wonderful addition to any Astral Travel or Out of Body exploration as well.

Masala incense are a blend of highly scented dry ingredients which are formed into a paste and then rolled onto a bamboo stick. Masala incense contain very little if any liquid scent(fragrance), and tend to be of much higher quality as such.

Each pack contains 12 of these beautiful handcrafted sticks

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