Camphor Essential Oil

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Camphor essential oil is a warrior oil. It is used in witchcraft for protection, cleansing and purification. This is the perfect oil to have on or near your altar at all times. Use it to cleanse and purify all altar tools, candles and yourself before spell casting. This is a definite must have for any Wiccan!

This is pure essential oil, which has not been diluted at all. If using on the skin, add a few drops in a carrier oil first (never put directly on skin as it may cause burns). If using in an oil burner, add water to the burner then add a few drops of oil.

Perfect to make your own herbal concoctions, perfumes, lotions, liquid spells and so much more!

This is a big 1oz/30ml bottle with an orifice reducer cap

*If using on the skin, a carrier oil should be added to the oil first.