Carnelian - Tumbled crystal, 3 pcs

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This gorgeous Carnelian crystal is a beautiful orange/red color and works with the Sacral Chakra which is the energy center for sexuality, reproduction and manifestation as well as the Root Chakra. As its warm, fiery color suggests, it is a stone of action and aids in steadfastness and overcoming apathy. This is a fire element crystal and is perfect as a balance for those of the water signs.

This is a wonderful addition to any crystal grid and would make a wonderful wire wrapped necklace!

This listing is for 3 pcs of these lovely crystals measuring approx 1" - 1 1/2"

Each crystal is unique and requires its own special treatment! Because we are Reiki Masters, all of our crystals are Reiki charged before leaving us. Each crystal also receives sound activation with either our Tibetan Singing bowls or Tingshas.

If a certain crystal loves water, we take it to the Gulf of Mexico and cleanse it in the sea. If it would rather be bathed in moonlight, we set it outside on our crystal grid. If it loves sunshine, that's what it receives.

We are highly aware of crystal vibrations and we make sure they are humming and singing before leaving us!

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