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Ceramic Sage Pot | Flower of Life

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Combining aesthetics and function, our Ceramic Sage pot is ideal for creating a more purified Sacred Space. Use to hold your sage while enjoying the spiritual benefits as it burns, bringing in a new positive energy in your home.

Built to hold larger 8-9” wands, we’ve ensured you can burn your sage while keeping your hands free, allowing you to focus on meditation and mindful thoughts, reaping the benefits of this beautiful spiritual tool.

With a “Flower of Life” adorning the side, this pot takes on new meaning. The famous piece of six-fold symmetry resembles a hexagon made out of circles and is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. Conveying a message of Unity, such a shape reminds us that we’re created according to the same blueprint, in the same universe. It is a physical reminder of the connections we have to all living things, of the circle of life and interconnected nature of the world.

This pot is therefore the ideal addition to your home. Filling your sacred spaces with a meaningful message, and allowing you to create a stunning, sage-filled energy, this is the perfect sage pot.

Measures approx 3.5" diameter x 3" high