Chakra Balancing Set - Complete set

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Open, balance and align all of your Chakra centers using pure essential oils, crystals and meditation.

This complete Chakra Set comes with:

Root Chakra - 1oz bottle Rosewood essential oil along with a 1" Hematite Sphere

Sacral Chakra - 1oz bottle of Orange essential oil along with 1 Carnelian crystal

Solar Plexus Chakra - 1oz bottle of Lemongrass essential oil along with 1 Golden Tiger Eye crystal

Heart Chakra - 1oz bottle of Lavender essential oil along with 1 Rose Quartz crystal

Throat Chakra - 1oz bottle of Peppermint essential oil along with 1 Sodalite crystal

3rd Eye Chakra - 1oz bottle of Rosemary essential oil along with 1 Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite) crystal

Crown Chakra - 1oz bottle of Cedarwood essential oil along with 1 Angelite crystal

Individual Chakra sets available too!

These are the same beautiful high quality pure essential oils we use in our artisan soaps and candles. Each bottle has an orifice dropper making it perfect for diffusers, nebulizers or adding a drop or two to your favorite carrier oil.

Absolutely wonderful for aromatherapy and holistic purposes.