7 Chakra Crystal Set

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Our 7 Chakra crystal set includes;

Himalayan Quartz - Crown Chakra                                                                           Peacock Ore(Chalcopyrite) - 3rd Eye                                                                                 Sodalite -  Throat Chakra                                                                                                   Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra                                                                                               Tigers Eye - Solar Plexus Chakra                                                                                       Carnelian - Sacral Chakra                                                                                                   Hematite - Root Chakra

Each crystal vibrates to the frequency of that particular energy center to help clear, align and balance. Starting with the Root Chakra, meditating with each crystal or just keeping it in your auric field can help boost that particular center. Once all 7 have been worked with individually, laying them out on a body grid is a wonderful way to bring everything into alignment together and usually provides for deep meditations.

Each set comes in a lovely organza bag with a piece of Sage and description card.


Mark & Laura