Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile is a beautiful, sweet flower that is popular around the world for it's soothing and calming qualities. 

Chamomile was used in ancient Egypt and was given as an offering to their gods. Germans refer to this herb as alles zutraut meaning 'capable of anything.' In the Mexican folkloric tradition, manzanilla was used to support healthy respiratory function and for soothing the stomach and easing digestion. In the highlands of southern Mexico, the Tzeltal Maya make a chamomile tea containing an orange and a lime leaf to lift the mood. Native Americans have used this and related species since their introduction to the Americas, often utilizing the entire plant.

Spiritually ~

Chamomile is said to attract money and, accordingly, as a hand rinse for gamblers needing good luck. An infusion used to wash thresholds (doors and windows) will help keep unwanted energies or entities from passing through. Sprinkle powdered chamomile flowers around you or home to remove spells cast against you.

Associated with the Sun, the sign of Leo and the element of Water