Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid

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Orgone is another name for the form of energy also known as Chi, Prana, Ether, or Life Force. Orgone pyramids, aside from being incredibly gorgeous, are highly sought-after devices known for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy and balance the spiritual, emotional and physical body.

Orgone Pyramids are a simple combination of resin, metal and quartz crystals which helps to balance the electrical signals around the body and restore harmony in the environment.

Clear Quartz works as a connection between the physical dimension and the spiritual. It enhances communication with plants, animals, minerals, and in speaking with and receiving information from the Divine and other-worldly Masters, teachers and healers. Its natural tendency is for harmony and brings a sense of purpose to those who resonate with it. [Melody, 503]

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, is a stone of power and amplifies the energy of the crystals and energy that it is around.
The Flower of Life is a symbol of Creation.

Pyramid measures approx 2 1/2"h x 2 3/4"w