Damiana Leaf - Cut and Sifted

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Damiana Leaf is an herb of the New World, native to Mexico and southern parts of the United States. Damiana was used by the Aztecs for impotency and Mexican women were also known to use the fragrant leaves in a tea to stimulate love making. The Damiana plant is so important that it has been classified in Mexico as a “national treasure” and is now a prohibited export as a live plant. 

Historically Damiana has been used to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and mild depression, especially if these symptoms have a sexual component. Damiana is highly useful in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests.

It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quartz crystal. 

Our herbs are packed with the utmost of care and handled in a sanitary environment. Your Damiana Leaf, which has been cut and sifted, will come in a zip bag.

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